List Groups

Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines offers the following list groups to better categorize postings. All postings will be approved by the site administrator prior to going LIVE; postings will remain on the site for up to 60 days and may be extended by the administrator.

Hurricane Relief: Troop-to-Troop Support
In times of need, Girl Scouts are the first to respond. We are so thankful for our sister Girl Scouts around the country who have expressed an interest in helping our troops and service units impacted by Hurricane Florence. Post a need or look here to find troops and service units in need of support or assistance. Examples include help replacing troop materials, personal items, school supplies or even creating a Wish List of Girl Scout items your troop or girl(s) may need. Please note that posting a GoFundME account or cash and monetary assistance are not appropriate.

Give or Get: Help with Program Delivery
Are you an approved Girl Scout volunteer who loves to camp, is passionate about science, healthy living, Girl Scout badges? Or, are you a troop needing a little extra help for your first camping trip, an upcoming STEM activity or Girl Scout badge? Post here to give or get assistance delivering Girl Scout program activities.

Give or Get: Girl Scout Supplies
Do you have extra Girl Scout badges or patches that you no longer need? Are you a new troop that needs assistance building your Girl Scout library of resources? Or maybe you have, or are looking for, gently used uniform items. Post here to give or get Girl Scout program materials and supplies like Girl Guides, Journey books, badges, fun patches and more!

Give or Get: Miscellaneous Supplies
Are your closets overflowing with craft supplies, recycled soda bottles, egg cartons? Does your troop need broken crayons or scraps of fabric? Girl Scouts can find a use for almost anything! Post here to give or get your no longer needed craft or miscellaneous supplies and make a Girl Scout smile!

Connect with a Sister Troop
Are you Cadette troop looking for a sister troop to join you on your next adventure? Are you a troop of Daisies looking for pen pals? Are you a Junior Troop wanting to help a Brownie Troop as they prepare to bridge up? Post here to meet other troops and make new friends!

Cookie Swap
Who hasn’t found themselves needing more Thin Mints during cookie season or with too many Shortbreads on hand? Or maybe you simply need more cookies for your upcoming Cookie Booth! We’ve got you covered! Post here to swap your cookie inventory so you can get what you need to fill your orders or sell a little more!

Don’t see a group that quite fits. Post here to share your time and talents, resources and more!